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White Louisiana Suspect Reportedly Shot & Killed 5, Taken Alive In Virginia

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Dakota Theriot reportedly aimed his weapon at officers when they approached him

A white Lousiana man who shot and killed his girlfriend, his parents, and his girlfriend’s father and brother, went on the run and was arrested Sunday morning (Jan. 27). Dakota Theriot, 21, was found in Richmond County, Va., and reportedly aimed his weapon at police before he was taken in.

The deputies had been called to the home of a member of Dakota Theriot’s family to check on the residence when Theriot pulled up in a vehicle with a gun pointed out the window, Smith said.

The deputies sought cover and Theriot dropped the weapon on their commands. He was then arrested.

“He seemed a little tired, a little worn,” Smith told CNN.

Theriot, 21, arrived at the Virginia property after a night on the run. He’s accused of killing his parents, his girlfriend, and her father and brother in two separate shootings Saturday in Louisiana.

Virginia police were alerted to Theriot’s crime after his father called authorities and informed them that his son shot him and his wife. Theriot was reportedly living with Summer Ernest, his girlfriend, who resided 30 miles away from the Theriot home. According to the account, Theriot was asked to leave the Ernest home recently.

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