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Music video director in London and all over the UK

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Publiée le 13 April 2019 445 vues
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Music video director in London and all over the UK

Appeared in the 1980s music video clip, now worn by the magic of content sharing platforms and social networks, is far from having said its last word. It remains an essential communication tool, for musicians of course, but not only.


Whether made to illustrate a musical track or for the communication of a company, the clip is characterized by its sound track. It is an audiovisual work of a few minutes whose goal is to cause the most emotions possible in a limited time.

Why make a music video?

This is a wonderful tool for artists to enhance their image.
Get your own video clip will allow you to stand out from other artists. By sharing it on sharing platforms like Youtube or Dailymotion as well as on social networks, you greatly increase your chances of being spotted and being visible to a new audience and it also helps to keep your followers and increase the chances that your music will be shared.

If you are an artist you certainly know that nowadays a video clip has become the key point in the for artists image and the majority of the time acts as a stepping stone in their career.

A music video clip is the most effective way to broadcast your works to the greatest number, indeed since the expansion of social networks many rappers and singers have managed to make it a place in the world of music, often internationally. It allows you to become known to a wider audience and thus get more followers and sharing.

Nowadays few people click on posts related to music if they are not followed by a video.
You do not have to make a big budget video if your goal is to be heard by more people.

Are you an artist looking for a music clip director in London or in the U.K?
The videos we realize can adapt to all types of media: Internet, TV, professional events ...
We have real expertise in making video clips. If you are a musician and want to put your works in images, trust our talented directors and our experience in this field.

Paris en mode will help you in every step of your project our videographers can direct your audio-visual projects taking into account your desires, your constraints and your budget. Each of our projects are different and can adapt to your message. Originality and creativity are the watchwords. On our website we offer our services to make quality music video clip at very affordable prices and suitable for all types of budget. We also broadcast your video to a large community of hip hop fans.

Go to the pricing page to choose the budget that suits you best and contact us. A director will get back to you after reading your project details. You can find the videos we realized on this page: https://www.parisenmode.fr/ you will be able to get more details on the conditions of the shoots by reading the descriptions

What are the prices for the production of a music video?

Our rates are flexible and can adapt to any type of budget. With the basic formula we offer the possibility of reducing the costs of realization by alleviating the workload of the director. The concept is simple, you choose the number of hours of filming that you deem necessary 1 hour more shooting, with the location you have determined, a director will be present throughout the duration of the shoot and will guide you for each new video capture to obtain the best images possible by taking in consideration all the elements on the scene. The director puts at your disposal all his know-how, his creativity and his talent in filming. Just define a place, share your ideas and directive then let us guide you, our directors will not hesitated to share their opinion and tell you if a place is not suitable, in case wait for it so that it find a position and a more creative angle of view and let you guide. Know that our directors are also artists Several places are accepted even for smaller budgets.

Here is an example of basic clips shoot in 2 hours
Bakalay : https://www.parisenmode.fr/resvideo.php?titre=bakalay-premiere-sommation&id=325

Here is an example of street clips turned in 6h
THE Cocaratcha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39_HI0EcMAs

Out of inspiration? you have no idea about the content of your video, you want help with the scenario, places ...?
We offer a coaching and organizational service. You will be enlightened and help in your choice of scenario, locations, organization and get recommendations throughout the process of realization, before, during and after the shoot.
- Research, design-writing concept
- Casting
- Search and location of places
- Equipment rental
- Provision of assistants
- Research / Rental / Purchasing / Booking of equipment, costumes, disguise, makeup, luxury cars, villa, various tools ... For this we will need to know the budget that you want to allocate to these.
- Advice on the distribution of your finished music video clip in order to share massively in a community potentially interested in your works, in order to improve your chances of being spotted by influential people.

Here are 2 examples of music videos with preparation

Will you get a music video clip of good quality even with a small budget
The answer is yes. We do not have any problem with quality, the same material is used for all types of project except the drone, only the duration of filming and editing make the difference.
Revisions are included in each of our formulas.
Our priority: your satisfaction!

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